Monday, 31 March 2014

Dua for all problems, Hajat, Wealth

Wazifa for Enemy, Dushman

Wazifa for Wealth, Money, Job

Wazfia for Any Hajjat, Problem, Love

Wazifa Akhiret k Azab Sey Bachney ka

To be save from punishment after judgement day.

Recite Ya Muhsi on Friday as much as possible.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Wazifa to Get Rid of Loan

Read Surah Tehreem everyday once. if your loan is as big as mountain it will be paid off.

Please read Darood 11 times before and after and then do a dua every day.

Wazifa for Wealth, Job, Money

When a Sahabi complained about being poor the Prophet Rasullul lah (Sallal laho alihe Wa aalehi wa sallam) advised him to the following.

Every time you enter the house whether it is empty or not say in loud voice

As salam o alikum wa rehmatullahe wa barakatuhoo

Read any Draood once

Read Surah ikhlas 3 times

Allah will increase your rizk immensely. The Prophet Rasullul lah (Sallal laho alihe Wa aalehi wa sallam) said even if you enter the house 70 times in a day do this procedure.

You must do this all in loud enough voice. Such a easy way to becoming rich and no effort is required.

Wazifa for Any Wish, Hajjat

Allah will help you in a secret way that even u will be surprised.

Everyday after Esha Salah

11 times Darood

Ayet karima 51 times...(la ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kunto minaz zalimeen)

11 times Darood

Then do a dua. This is wazifa which you can do for any hajat or always do it for all hajats and problems

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